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Thunder and Water: A Tori/Blake Fansite
Moonlight Dance




Disclaimers all characters belong to their respected owners no copyright infringement intended nor implied. Fanfiction just for fun. No profit being made just sheer enjoyment of the universe and characters. Organal characters are mine. thanks.

Author's Note: sheer tori/Blake fluff and romance

Moonlight Dance

A lone figure stands on the beach. A soft breeze blows though blond locks as eyes gaze out into darkened waters. Those eyes looked like they were unlocking the secrets of the great mother ocean.
Another set of eyes watched the young woman for the moment before making over to where the young woman stood.
Tori looked down at her dress it was light blue her favorite color. She was standing on the beach holding her sandals she waited for Blake to show. Her mind not on the beach or the waves as they crashed into the sands but on the young dark man that had captured her heart.
"Tori?" a voice said softly breaking into her thoughts.
She whiled around and smiled brightly in the moonlight. "Blake I am so glad to see you." She smiled at him. To Blake she looked like and angel sent from heaven to heal his poor darken soul with light.
"I am glad to see you too." He smiled as he took her hand and lead her to another part of the beach where a blanket was layed out and candles were everywhere giving the feast Blake had set out a soft glow.
"Oh my Blake." Tori gushed. "You did not have to go though such trouble for me." She hugged him closely showing her apparition of his efforts. she looked into his eyes they looked so dark and deep with hidden meaning in them. she closed her eyes feeling his soft lips on hers.
Blake could not believe how warm she felt. Her arms around his neck her soft breasts pressed against his chest. Gazing deeply into her eyes her deep blue eyes he had to smile they were nose to nose she closed her eyes and he took the hint and his lips touched hers. His tongue explored the opening of her mouth. She opened her mouth to him and they both began to explore the other. Hands also explored while they kissed so deeply.
They came up for breath a few moments later feeling heady with all the emotions surging though them.
Blake smiled down at her recalling what Hunter had razzed him earlier about his plan for dinner with Tori. Hopeless romantic was the nicest of them that his brother had called him though Blake mushed that Hunter had been bitten as well.
Blake had caught his brother staring at the picture of Tori, Shi and Hotaru in their bikini's on the beach. Dustin had taken the picture and had made sure that Blake had gotten a copy. Knowing that Hunter would see it.
"Whats on your mind Blake?" Tori asked smiling at him as she drew him over to the food. they both sat down and Blake took out drinks for them both.
"My brother and his inability to admit he has fallen." Blake smiled and then laughed softly.
Tori nodded. "Hotaru and I talked about that earlier today. She says Shi is doing the same thing. Neither are willing to admit they are falling for the other."
Blake shook his head. They both ate in silence for a moment. Loosing their way into the food Blake had made.
"This is good." Tori said softly smiling at him as she drank her drink.
"Thank you." Blake said softly. "I made all of this." As he put away everything and pulled Tori up. Tripping the radio it began to play a slow song the two danced. Gazing deeply into each other eyes they smiled at each other.
Tori suddenly giggled. Stepping back from Blake. She looked at him. "Catch me if you can." Turned and she raced away from him.
Blake was running after her after giving her a moment to get ahead of him. He caught up with her as she ran along the wet sand. Tackling her to the ground he gazed at her and began to kiss her once more.
The ocean lapped around them wetting both young lovers as they kissed deeply. their passion rising both were astounded at the depth of feeling the other was feeling. Blake gazed down at Tori.
He brushed a wet lock of hair out from her face. Smiling down at her they were about to kiss again when they felt a presence.
Looking up they saw Shi running. They both realized Shi did not see them. Watching her run past they could tell there was a lot on her mind. As the dark haired beauty ran past they both herd her mutter something about "Why the hell now? Why him?" As Shi ran past them not seeing them at all.
Blake knew that the dark haired girl sensed them she just did not stop in her late night run.
He and Tori both looked at each other and smiled.