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Thunder and Water: A Tori/Blake Fansite
Love and Hate



Chapter 1:  On the Island
Breaking the Spell

Summary: All the rangers are transported to Beach-Island places. What if Tori wasn't alone on her place?

Note: Sorry if this is like, weird or something. I saw the newest episode and I just had to write this.

Tori regained consciousness with the feel of sand against her cheek. She pushed herself up and brushed the sand off of face. She looked around her surroundings. She was on some sort of island; she wasn't in her ranger gear, or even or fighting outfit, just her normal outfit. She looked around.

"Hello?" She called out. "Anybody there?" She stood up, brushing sand off her clothing. She stood at the edge of a steep sand hill. She sighed. "Shane?" She called out. "Dustin?" No answer. She ran her hand through her hair. "Hunter? Blake? Anyone?"

"Tori." Came a voice. Tori spun around to see Blake standing there in his jeans, shirt and jacket. She stood back, unsure what to say or do. "Where's Hunter?" He asked.

"I-I don't know. I just woke up here." She said. Blake walked over to her.

"Why don't I believe you?" He asked. His eyes held something Tori had actually never seen before. Hatred.

"Blake, wh-what's wrong? I-"

"Tell me where he is or else!" Blake grabbed her arm roughly. Tori gasped, struggling.

"Blake, you're hurting me!" She cried.

"Where's my brother?" He demanded.

"I don't know! Maybe if we work together we can find him and Shane and Dustin." Blake glared at her.

"I don't think so." He said. He shoved her hard. Tori screamed and grabbed onto his sleeve, pulling him with her. The two rolled down the hill together, falling over one another. The two finally stopped at the bottom of the hill. Tori fell on top of Blake. Blake grunted as his head hit the sandy ground.

Tori felt dazed and disoriented from the fall. She clung onto Blake as they fell, and now that they lay on the ground together, she still hadn't let go. She lifted her head slightly and looked up at Blake. "Are you ok?" She asked. Blake looked at her and shoved her off of him.

"I'm fine." He said, standing up. Tori looked up at him. Blake grabbed her by her upper arms and pulled her roughly to her feet. "What did you do to Hunter?" He asked.

"Nothing!" Tori said, trying to get out of his tight vice-like grip. "Look, I'm trying to find my friends just as much as you're trying to find your brother. I have no idea where Hunter, or Shane or Dustin are. Now, will you cut this out and let me go?" Blake's eyes narrowed. Tori looked into his eyes, unsure what he was going to do. Blake slammed her into the side of a cave. Tori screamed as the jagged rocks slammed into her back. "What are you doing?!" She cried. Blake shoved her to the ground. Tori fell.

"It's about time I finished you once and for all." Blake said.

Chapter 2:  Dashed Hopes
Tori rolled onto her back and pushed herself away from him. "Blake. What's going on? Why are you doing this? I-I thought you and I-" Her voice trailed off. She had thought something had formed between them. She thought Blake liked her. Even when he was on Lothor's side, trying to get sensei, he never was like this.

"What?" Blade asked. "You thought what? You're just a pathetic little insect and now I'm the exterminator." He stalked towards her menacingly.

"Blake, stop." She pushed herself to her feet and stepped back from him. "I-I don't understand. Did Lothor say or do something to you guys?"

"I don't think Lothor is your biggest problem right now." Blake said.

"I don't want to fight you, Blake." Tori said. "If that's what your trying to get me to do, forget-" Tori was cut off by Blade's fist slamming into her jaw. She fell.

"Well, as much as an actual fight would've been fun, I guess I'll just have to settle for beating the stuffing out of you." He grinned. Tori stood on all fours and looked up at him, horrified. She had her hand on her jaw where he had punched her. Blake raised his leg and slammed it into her back. Tori cried out in pain as she felt his foot slam into her already forming wounds from slamming into the rocks. She fell on the sand. Blake grabbed her by her shoulders and yanked her to her feet. Tori struggled against him.

"Why are you doing this?" She asked. Blake pinned her arms behind her back and slammed her face first into the rocks. Tori could taste her own blood as her lip split open and heard a crack, indicating her nose was broken. Tori collapsed onto the ground in pain-induced daze. Tori weakly tried to get to her feet, only to feel Blake's hand roughly grab her hair, pulling her head back to his. Tori gave a soft painful whimper.

"Gotta say, your never-surrender attitude is pretty admirable." He said lowly into her ear. "Who knows, if things were different, maybe we could've had something." He released her hair. Tori fell back down. She slowly and painfully forced herself onto her back, looking at him.

"But they are different." She said, hoping that she was right thinking this was somehow Lothor's doing, and not just really Blake. "You and I.." She paused. She really wasn't sure what she and Blake were. "All of us, we're friends. Remember? You and Hunter tried to destroy our sensei because you thought he killed your parents, but it was Lothor. And then you two left. But you guys came back. And earlier today you-"

"Trying to trick me isn't going to work." Blake said, interrupting her. He grabbed her arms and pulled her up again, gripping her fiercefully.

"I'm not. It's Lothor who's tricking you." Tori insisted. "I don't know how, but he somehow did. Can't you remember?" She asked. Blake stared at her. Tori thought she saw something in his eyes. Recognition? A flicker of hope came into Tori's heart, thinking that Blake did remember and everything was going to be all right. Blake drew his face close to hers. Tori looked into his eyes, her heart quickening. Was he going to kiss her?

"I look at you." He said softly. "And I do remember." Tori could feel a smile tugging at the edges of her mouth. She looked up into his eyes again, and gasped to see his rage in them. "I remember how much I hate you." He growled. Blake shoved her into the rocks again. This time, Tori raised her arms up, guarding her face and head. The rocks cut through the skin on her bare arms. She fell into a sitting position. She was in so much pain. Physically, emotionally, mentally. Here was Blake. A guy she had started having feelings for, and he was hurting her. Tears came into her eyes as she cried softly.