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The ShadowLands

Why Trent?

Power Rangers FanFiction
"Phantom Ranger, do you read me?"
Even though I adore the entire DinoThunder cast, I chose Trent (Jeffrey Parazzo) to be the subject of my fansite. There are several reasons for this:
First of all, I felt attached to the White Ranger since before the show even started.  I'm a huge toy collector, so I always buy the core lineup of Power Rangers figures, usually before the show premieres.  While I was at Toys "R" Us on my first trip for the PRDT toys, I looked through all my options.  I only had enough money for three of the action figures.  I always buy the Red Ranger first, so that was a natural choice.  I also always buy the girl rangers when I see them, so yellow would be my second choice.  The hardest decision was picking between white, blue, black, the zord assortment, or Zeltrax.  The White Ranger's suit was, in my opinion, the best looking one, so I chose the White Talking Thunder figure, which quickly became my favorite.
When the show actually started, I thought Trent was an awesome character.  I liked him even better when I found out about the whole art thing.  I have been heavily into art, particularly comic book art, for my entire life, and to have a character on Power Rangers who shared the same passion as I did was just amazing for me.  Then he became a ranger and that made it even better!  I love how the evil White Ranger "draws" the darts in the air, then sends them to attack his target!  And Trent's actual artwork is pretty cool too.  They remind me of drawings I did when I was his age.  I also love the dynamics between Trent and the other characters, particularly Hayley, Tommy, Anton/Mesogog, and especially Kira.  His chameleon powers are awesome too.  This character just keeps getting better and better.
Originally, Jeffrey Parazzo was signed on to play the Blue Ranger.  I can't imagine Jeffrey being anyone other than Trent.  He brings the character to life in such a specific way that makes him loveable, even while he's evil.  I love Jeff Parazzo.  He's such a talented actor, not to mention gorgeous!  So I knew that I would have a lot of fun creating my "Tribute To Trent," and sure enough, it's been great so far! You can count on more coming real soon!