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The Shadow Lands


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Other Poems

The Art of Art
Art is expression.
It is imagination and creativity.
It is exploring and discovering and knowing.
Art is a way of letting the mind burst with ideas and color.

Grandma was kind.
She was sugar and spice.
She was gentle and sweet and loving.
When she smiled, she lit up the whole world.

Summer Sun
The sun comes out for
Another shining summer,
Greeting the morning.

What I Like About Car Races
The stands are crowded with many fans,
All waiting in sweet anticipation.
The announcer's voice booms over the loudspeaker,
And then they're off.
The engines roar to life,
All growling in competition to prove who's fastest.
It's survival of the fittest out there
As the car fumes spread into the air.
At first they all ride together,
Then slowly some pull ahead.
Back and forth, this one takes the lead.
Now it's clear which cars simply can't win this one.
The people cheer for their heroes
As the drivers zoom past.
Around and around they go,
All hoping that maybe it will be this time.
The excitement only grows
As the last lap draws near.
The screams of the fans and the
Screeching of the tires come together.
The engines roar, louder now than before.
Only two cars stand a chance.
The crowd is silent as the driver pulls forward,
And then there's a sudden eruption of cheers
As the twenty-four car takes the checkered flag.

My Pink Sneakers
I like my pink sneakers
Because they're so pretty.
They match practically
Everything I own.
I like my pink sneakers
Because no one else has them.
They're unique and special
And they're all my own!
Pink is my favorite color
Because it's so bright and strong.
That's why I love to wear my pink sneakers
All week long!

Leo The Lion
He is a lion,
With his strong form
And quick wit.
His mind is incomparable,
And his strength inconquerable.
His heart is filled with courage,
Because his main concern is pride.

The Tree of Life
A tree is life.
It starts out as a little bud,
Then grows taller and stronger
As the years come and go.
It's branches reach out
To grasp just a little bit more,
And it stands straight and proud,
Making its presence known.
It sees many things throughout each day,
Until the last when it starts to wilt.
Then it will fall down
To lay back on the earthy ground.

She is Joy.
There's always a smile upon her face,
And a warm and ready loving embrace.
Her sparkling eyes always carry a gleam,
And her laughter pours out in a steady stream.
Into giggles she will dissolve,
Because there's never a problem that a little Joy won't resolve.

F riends are always there when you
R eally need them,
I n bad times and
E specially the good ones.
N othing is ever as bad as it seems on
D ays when
S omeone is there to care.

Uniting The States
You thought you could defeat us,
But you were wrong.
You tried to weaken us,
But you made us strong.
You may have halted us for a day or a week,
But the President makes it clear when he speaks
That this is a nation that will pull through.
No one can stop this country, not even you.

Name Poetry
At the concert, there are many cheers,
And to some eyes even come a few tears.
As the music starts playing,
The audience starts saying
"We love Britney Spears!"