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The Shadow Lands


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This page is home to material that I haven't categorized into other pages on my site.  It includes everything from what was formerly the now defunct Ricardo's Realm: the Online Journal, to exercises from my creative writing class, to just random thoughts and happenings.



Quickly got, quickly lost. -Yiddish proverb

Little Johnny made a decision to cheat on a test. He got a one hundred on that test. The teacher praised him for his excellent work and his parents were so proud that they took him out to dinner. Little Johnny loved the attention. Everyone thought he was so smart, and they made him feel intelligent. He cheated on a few more tests and was soon placed into an advanced class. This was great! It felt good to be smart. Now he had a lot of friends because everyone wanted to talk to the smart kid.

Little Johnny cheated on the next test. The teacher caught him. Suddenly, it wasn't so much fun anymore. She called his parents, and there was a big meeting with school officials. Little Johnny was expelled from his elementary school for chronic cheating. Now Little Johnny doesn't feel so smart anymore.

Writing About Food

The small round table was set for three, with three silver knives, three silver forks, and three pink cloth napkins. On top of each of the three plates sat a small round bowl. The bowls were each filled with a Caesar salad. First, the crisp, green lettuce and the juicy, red tomatoes, all drowned in that delicious Caesar dressing. Then, after every last bit of the salads had been devoured, a big, juicy steak was placed on each of the three plates; one rare, one medium, and one well-done. A tall glass of sparkling cider sat behind each plate to complete the meal.


Happy Birthday to me!!!!! I'm 18 today! Yay!!!! I can't wait until my Spider-Man party on Saturday.......


My Spider-Man: The Movie

Mary Jane action figure

As most of you probably already know, the Spider-Man movie will be coming out next Friday. Of course, I have to get my toys before it comes out. So I go to my toys/collectibles hobby store yesterday like I do sometimes before I go to the local comics shop. I see the Mary Jane figure there. I know there's only one per box, so I figure I'd better grab it while I see it, since there's no chance that I'll actually find it at Toys "R" Us, which sells them for $6.99, but I wouldn't have paid that because I have my associate's discount. Anyway, the guy was selling it for $11.....maybe a tad expensive, but if I can't find it anywhere else, it's probably worth it to me, right? So the guy gives it to me for $11 and says that he'll make it even so I don't have to pay the tax. I'm all happy, and I go forth to my comics store. I start talking with the owner, like I always do, while I'm picking out my comics, and I mention that I was finally able to find my Mary Jane action figure. He comments that he'd just gotten one, but he hadn't put it out yet. So then he asks me how much I paid for it, and I told him. He smiles and says that he's only charging $9.75. Well, that just goes to show what I get for not telling Al to hold it for me for a week. Oh, well. It's only $1.25, right? At least the thing resembles Kirsten Dunst.


I got a reply from Anne Marie Crouch today! She sent me a letter with an autographed picture. I have gotten replies from: Phillip Jeanmarie, Jessica Rey, Jack Guzman, and now Anne Marie. I'm still waiting for Alyson Kiperman and Ricardo Medina, Jr., though


Why Taylor and Alex Would Make a Good Couple

Ok.........are you sure you really want to know? All you fanfic authors should probably pay attention to this one! I think Taylor and Alex would be great together because they just have so much in common. Think about it. They're both tough, although not so much that they're not human. They both hold positions of authority, and they're both strict. Taylor needs somebody who's mature, serious, and responsible. Alex needs somebody who would be willling to follow the rules. That's definately Taylor, and they're both definately by-the-book people. Now, I know, I know....Alex has just come out of an engagement with Jen. But wouldn't Taylor be the perfect person to comfort him? She's a good match for him, and she's exactly his type because she shares some of the same qualities that made Jen an excellent Ranger. Maybe I'm just totally crazy, but I think it could work (in the fanfic world, that is) great! :) If you want more proof that I have way too much time on my hands, check out the "Collages" page for my Alex/Taylor collage!


My Banner-Building Experience

I'm not kidding. I actually had FUN making my Ricardo's Realm Banner this morning! I'm an artistic person at heart, and I love making collages, but I was sort of dreading the idea of making a banner for my site (which is why I didn't have it up a week ago). I don't know why, I guess I just didn't think that it would be one of the more enjoyable aspects of building my fansite. Anyways, looking at various pictures of Ricardo wasn't so terrible after all. If you want to link to my website, please use my banner to do so! You don't have to, but it would be nice. You can link it to: <>. Thanks!

A Good Boyfriend For Taylor

Well, since I'll probably always think that ALYSSA belongs with Cole, somebody has to be a male-companion to Taylor. Cole and Taylor would not work, because they're so different. Besides, somebody has to play the big sis to Cole! Anyways.......are you ready for this? Taylor should be with.......ALEX! I'm serious.


I've decided to make a change to my Ric's Pics section. Check back soon for a bigger picture gallery!


I had my fan letter to Ricardo mailed today. I hope he replies!


"Ricardo's Realm" is officially published on the web today!


Happy Birthday to my Mom!

Well, I was so excited after seeing this morning's episode, that I started creating my website! So much for gathering my ideas! Oh, well. I'm actually pretty pleased with the way it's turning out. I've decided to definately call it "Ricardo's Realm"! I should have it published by next week.


"The Curse of the Wolf" Begins!

The first real encounter I had with Ricardo Medina, Jr. began on Feb. 9, 2002. I was so impressed with Cole from the first episode, probably because he's different from every other Ranger that has ever been on Power Rangers. He's certainly an interesting character, and I can't wait to see what the writers have in store for him next!

Anyways, today was the first episode of the Duke Zen-Aku Saga. Ricardo's acting was so impressive today. I had toyed with the idea of making a fansite dedicated to him, but now I'm certain that I want to do it. I will start production as soon as I get my ideas together.

Although I've been a fan of Power Rangers since the beginning, Time Force is my favorite. The series was just incredible, and I was heartbroken when, despite the efforts of the fans (myself included), it was announced that the cast would not be returning for Wild Force.

The first time I saw RICARDO MEDINA, JR. was on the "Wild Dream" promos, which aired on Fox Kids. He'd immediately caught my attention, because right away I saw that he was different from any of the other Rangers that have ever been on the show, and now that Wild Force airs every Saturday morning with new episodes, I realized that Ricardo is an extremely talented actor, who's made Cole into an awesome character and a "great Red Ranger."