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The ShadowLands

Secret Feelings
Power Rangers FanFiction
"Phantom Ranger, do you read me?"

Secret Feelings
    By:  Jennifer Collins
His smile brightens the day like the warmth of the sun,
And I know in my heart that he's the only one
Who can touch me in ways that no one knows,
As the feeling inside me still deeper grows.
I watch him when he doesn't look,
Pretending with my nose buried in my books.
I haven't told them how he turns me to mush
Because no one can know about my little crush.
He's from a whole different world,
And no one cares about the feelings of this girl.
Imagine what they'll go through to keep me apart
From the only one who really matters deep in my heart.
I can just hear her saying in her disapproving voice
How I shouldn't get involved with those kinds of boys.
Her face might even turn red as she screams
That he's fired from her heroic team.
Then I'll never get to see him.
No, I can't let that happen.
So for now, no one must ever find out
What the secret feelings inside of me are all about.